#extreme #sport #adrenaline #travel #experience (via BO.LT)

#extreme #sport #adrenaline #travel #experience (via BO.LT)

Adorable Bulgaria..don't hesitate to visit it! :)

Top Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean, which lies amidst the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, is known as one of the much sorted after travel destinations in the world. However, there are four places that you must visit, which include the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Virgin Islands and Jamaica. Each of these destinations is unique and has something different on offer for travelers  Continue reading this article to know more about these amazing travel destinations.

Dominican Republic

When you travel east from Jamaica and pass Haiti, then you would reach the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean destination was chanced upon by Christopher Columbus back in 1492, when he first arrived at the shores of the Americas. The city of Santo Domingo has a wealth of European history tucked away in its corners, which is regarded as the oldest city that has been inhabited in the entire region. Apart from that you would visit historic sites like the Fortaleza Ozama, which is a castle that houses modern infrastructure, would give you a glimpse of the past and present culture of this place.    


Another destination that you must visit is Mexico. You need to drop in at the Mexico City which serves to be the largest city on the region. It is located about 7,000 feet over sea level which lies on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt that is surrounded by several mountain peaks. You would be able to see the beautiful scenery as well in every direction that you see. As the home of the 14th Century Aztecs there are innumerable artifacts and relics that can be found here of the lost ancient civilization. The coastline of the city has innumerable beaches where you can sit back and relax.

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is a much sought after travel destination in the Caribbean. The western half of the island is now a part of the United States whereas the eastern half is under the control of the British. You could think of this region as a microcosm since it is governed by two distinct states. Apart from that while you are here you can enjoy the tropical experience at the same time enjoy the splendor of this region.


Jamaica is famous for giving the world some fantastic music. This Caribbean island has so much to offer travelers in terms of a holiday as well as an intercultural experience. The isolated and tropical climate of this region makes it a unique ecosystem, with a variety of exotic flora and fauna. Apart from that if you are a foodie then you are going to love this region, since there are so many delicious indigenous dishes that you can savor on your trip here. Additionally, it is a shopper’s paradise as well since you can shop at duty free stores that you can find throughout the region.        

These are some of the top Caribbean (or Caribien in Danish) destinations that you can travel to. However, don’t limit yourself just to the mentioned destinations, look around and it would surely be a fantastic travel experience. You can read more about the Caribbean if you click here.

Top factors to be considered to enjoy the Opera in Vienna within your budget!

Vienna is a land known for its heritage in music.  There are many famous musicians who were born there. Music is an inevitable part in the lives of people settled in Vienna. Not just for music, Vienna is very well known for the opera houses as well.  Musicians belonging to different parts of this world flow in to Vienna to be a part of the Opera in Vienna.  There are people who have stepped into musical world by getting inspired by the musical heritage of Vienna. Since you are in hunt for facts related to the Opera in Vienna, it is evident that even you are pretty interested to be a part of the Opera.

There are people belonging to different parts of this world who have the desire to be a part of it. Yet, their budget may not be permitting them to make it to the Opera. Making it to the Opera in Vienna does eat up a decent amount of your hard earned money. Nevertheless you can make it within your budget just by considering few factors. To learn more about those factors, just continue reading along.

Making choice

All that the Opera in Vienna shows may not be of your choice.  There is no meaning in wasting money in the shows in which you are not interested. So, to enjoy the opera within your budget the first thing that you need to do is to go through the schedule. In that schedule, you need to choose the program that you love the most. You don’t need to move down to Vienna to learn about the schedule. Just by browsing online, you can get to know in detail about each and every program in the Opera in Vienna, thus, you can get all the necessary information right by being at the comfort of your house.

Discounted ticket

Check whether you have sufficient budget to purchase the tickets. If yes, you can go ahead with the purchase. Yet, if you don’t have sufficient amount, wait to purchase the tickets that are left over.  The tickets that are sold out in advance are a bit costly.  If you wait until the day before the program, you can get tickets at lower cost. The left over tickets are usually sold out at discounted rated. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the Opera in Vienna within your budget.

Standing room tickets

If you wish to enjoy the opera in Vienna at the least expensive cost, you need to reach the opera house 90 minutes ahead of the show.  80 minutes before the show, you can get the standing room tickets which are less expensive.  As these tickets can be purchased just 80 minutes before the show, you can experience a great rush for the tickets. So, for getting standing room tickets for the opera show, you need to be patient enough.

In Denmark they will advise you to experience opera in Vienna (oplev opera i Wien in Danish), so what are you waiting for? Check for the best music tours here.


Beach Resorts in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small, little known country situated in the far south east corner of Europe. It has a very diverse history and borders Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Turkey. Bulgaria has enjoyed a good tourist trade for many years and since joining the European Union in 2007 has seen numbers swell year on year. Still one of the poorest countries in Europe, Bulgaria can be a very traditional country and it is not unusual to still see fields plowed with the help of a horse and harvested by hand. This just adds to the beauty of what is probably one of Europe’s best kept secrets - Bulgaria.

With all of its beach resorts located along the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria has a remarkably warm and dry summer. Beach Resorts in Bulgaria reflect the country as a whole in their diversity and there is plenty of choice. Whether you want a quiet holiday with traditional restaurants and moonlit walks along the beach or a lively resort full of night clubs and buzzing bars, it’s all there.

Obzor is a small and peaceful resort situated between the towns of Burgas and Varna. It boasts a beautiful 8km long beach and plenty of small and friendly bars and restaurants. Although there is some nightlife; if you are looking for a relaxing break then this is the perfect place.

Nessebar is the self-proclaimed “Pearl of the Black Sea” and for good reason. Split into two parts, the Old Town and the New Town, Nessebar is a resort that is popular with people from around the world. The Old Town section is situated on an island approached via a peninsular. This part of the town is like a walk-in museum with perfectly preserved ancient property alongside ancient ruins of churches and an acropolis. Indeed Nessebar’s existence in one form or another can be traced back to the 6th century BC. The new town is far more vibrant and an evening stroll through the centre will provide tourists with an experience to be savored, as the multitude of small shops and restaurants perfectly compliment the holiday vibe.

Tsarevo is a small town south of Burgas and known for its large and active harbor and its traditional Bulgarian Holiday feel. A little bit off of the regular tourist destination lists, Tsarevo tends to welcome more Bulgarian holiday visitors than foreign tourists. This is by no means a bad thing because if the locals think that this is the place in Bulgaria to spend your holidays, then they should know. Another quiet resort Tsarevo will help you experience just how cheap good food can be in Bulgaria.

Sinemoretz is situated near the Turkish border south of Burgas. It is home to two beautiful, yet quite different beaches. The first is a short walk from the resort and is situated at the mouth of the river Veleka, which creates a fantastic sand bank with sea water one side and river water the other. The second is a lovely crescent shape beach with white sand that is surrounded at both ends by craggy cliff faces.

Sunny Beach is probably the most popular tourist destination in Bulgaria and for good reason. It has plenty of nightlife for all tastes, cuisine from around the world and all the water sports you could ever want. A large and busy resort there really is something for everybody.

Bulgaria, or Bulgarien as Danes say, is a wonderful country worth visiting. There are great winter resorts as well and everybody who goes there once, always come back. Learn more about it here.

Tips to find and book flight and hotel

In this busy world, a majority of people suffers stress and strain due to their workload and most of them are not able to withstand it. One of the best possible options to get rid of previously said issues is to go for a journey either with your friends or family. The number of people who are relying on this procedure is increasing on a daily basis.  If you are planning for a trip, then it is important to determine the mode of transportation and where to spend your nights. If you are opting for air travel, then you need to book the flight tickets in advance. There are certain tips that will help you to book flight and hotel. As you scroll down, you will come to know more about it.

Decide your dates

If you are planning to go for a trip, then the most important thing is to decide your dates well in advance. This helps you to book flight and hotel at the same time. This also helps you to avoid so many hassles associated with the trip. Always keep in mind that the hotels as well as airlines lower their rates during weekdays and the rate goes higher during weekends. If you wish to travel at an affordable price, then it is always better to determine the date and time of departure well in advance so that you can book tickets at a reasonable price. If you are visiting one of the world popular destinations during the season, then booking tickets in advance can save some of your hard earned money. Taking all these factors into consideration, one must determine the date of travel as early as possible.

Search online

With the advancements in technology, the internet has gained the capability to become useful for almost all purposes. When it comes to finding flight and hotel, going online is the best possible solution. There are so many websites which provide the needed information on hotels as well as flights. There are so many online tour providers in the market and even famous providers. Websites gives you a perfect idea on how to find and book flights and hotels. These websites give you an option to compare prices, features, benefits and drawbacks of different hotels and airlines. Currently, a lot of people are making use of this facility to book tickets. This is mainly because of the efficiency and security offered by the online services.

Passports and credit cards

Before travelling, make it a point to check whether that your passports are up to date. A valid passport is needed to visit other countries. When you are trying to reserve flight and hotel (in Danish they say “fly og hotel”), most of the airlines ask to provide a valid passport number. It is always better to carry around a credit card rather than to carry a lump sum of money. Credit cards enhance your security. You can also make use of such cards to pay for your hotel bills effortlessly.

Consider above discussed points to get a brief idea booking a flight and hotel. If you want to read more tips about traveling follow the link.

Travel to Thailand

Amazingly interesting culture, tropical climate, golden beaches and delicious cuisine – those distinctive features define Thailand as a top destination for visitors all over the world. The country is well-known for its Buddhist temples, exotic flora and fauna and spectacular views on the island. Its uniqueness shines brightly when it comes to Thailand’s fascinating culture and history. A great manifestation of the traditions is found in Thai food and massage techniques. These two things are worth trying even if you have to travel thousands of miles before you reach your destination.


Mythical beaches with tall palms and warm sand are hosting massive beach parties where alcohol and good mood are essential parts of the atmosphere. It is hard not to fall in love with this place once you have seen it. Having the opportunity to spend your vacation in Thailand means that you will certainly be having the time of your life. There is such a great variety of exciting things to do and places to explore, that you might find yourself not being able to take a decision what is better. Whether you should go surfing at Bang Saphan Yai, dive with whale sharks in Kо Taо, visit Krabi and scale the sea cliff, learn how to kiteboard in Hua Hin, recharge your batteries at a health resort in Ko Samui or simply spend the night partying on the beach.

Religion is a significant part of the local way of living. Buddhist temples are gleaming and golden Buddha statues shine from different corners to fill up the picture. A sacred cloth is wrapped around ancient banyan trees during ceremonies and shrines that are said to bring fortune decorate the houses and the monumental walls. For those who are interested in that religion, tourists are free to join the mediation retreats in Chiang Mai. In Northern Thailand noisy festivals again with religious character take place. 

The best representation of the Thai culture, however, remains its cuisine. Well-known and treasured everywhere around the world it is said to be warm and generous, bringing refreshment and relaxation. This sense is of course thanks to the fresh and locally produced ingredients.  This is why Thai food is a lot tastier when bought and consumed there. What we would suggest for your better understanding of the culture of Thailand is an eating tour of Bangkok noodle snack, trying some seafood from the pavilions in Phuket or the Burmese market stalls in Mаe Hong Son. Using the four main flavors – spicy, sweet, salty and sour and using some basic cooking skills appear to be enough to prepare a typical Thai dish. Well, yes, you also need to have visited Thailand!

The country is a true wonderland of attractions and activities. Traditional Buddhist festivals, crazy New Year’s celebrations and beautiful nature guarantee for your excellent holiday, full relaxation and exciting experience. That is all to remain in your memories forever.

Read more about Phuket charter  as you visit this website. Enjoy!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Discover Gran Canaria

Exploring Gran Canaria – An Island in Spain

Spain is a famous destination for adventure seekers, honeymooners, backpackers and sole travelers. You may probably be one of these types of vacationers. If you are planning to take a trip somewhere in Spain, it is best to explore one of the Canary Islands. This island is called the Gran Canaria which promises you a great vacation like you’ve never had before. Here are places of what you need to see and explore when visiting the beautiful island of Gran Canaria.

 The Cave Houses of Guayadeque

The Cave Houses of Guayadeque


When the term “island” is used, most people think of white sand, cold water and warm weather. That’s significantly true when you visit this Spanish island but there’s more than that to discover. One proof is the historical site called the Cave Houses of Guayadeque. It is believed to have been the home of the early aborigines who had lived in the exact spot before it was discovered by people now known as Spanish.

 Dedo de Dios or The God’s Finger

Dedo de Dios or The Gods Finger


The island of Gran Canaria features many sites that are full of massive rocks. One of the rocky places to see is the Dedo de Dios, or The God’s Finger in English, which is a 30-meter high rock. Those who are very much interested in hiking and trekking are going to be thrilled to see this huge rock.


The Aqualand

 The Aqualand

As expected, there is an aqua park located in the island called the Aqualand. There are different water rides here where visitors of all ages can have fun. It is a playground for the whole family but, as a warning, the entrance fee can be unimaginable to you. Yet, it’s worth spending for the memories and fun you can have are priceless.


The Palmitos Park

 The Palmitos Park

This park is a zoo and a botanical garden at the same time. It is a nice spot for all types of vacationers from children to adults because of the features here. Kids like to see animals, while some adults want to see the flora and fauna. Thus, the Palmitos Park is the perfect place for the entire family to go to when visiting Gran Canaria.


The Sioux City Thematic Park

 The Sioux City Thematic Park

Another great choice of park is the Sioux City Thematic Park. This pertains more to the culture and history of the United States of America. Whether you are from the US or not, it is a nice place to discover as well.





The Holiday World

 Gran Canaria, Spain

To have a night party, you can go to the Holiday World. More restaurants, cafés and bars are available for clubbing and partying. There are also establishments for games and rides that may meet your needs in terms of finding pleasures and luxury.


Gran Canaria is not just an island surrounded with water. It is a perfect destination for vacations that can help you relax, unwind, learn and discover. Once you see photos of the place, you’ll certainly book flights and reserve hotel rooms in this amazing destination as soon as possible.

So find charter Gran Canaria or book your last minute travel online (afbudsrejse online in Danish) to enjoy your dream summer vacation!